Wasatch Mountain State Park

Wasatch Mountain State Park is a nearly 22,000-acre preserve located in the Heber Valley, UT. This land was set aside by the State in 1961 and opened to the public 1968.

The park elevation is 5,900 ft. making it an ideal four season destination. Activities include camping, picnicking, hiking, mountain biking, golf, off-highway vehicle and horseback riding. As the proud host of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games at Soldier Hollow, Wasatch Mountain State Park also offers a variety of year-round activities including cross-country skiing, tubing, summer and winter biathlon, in-line skating facilities, and more.

There are two historic areas in the Park, Historic Tate Barn and Huber Grove. The Tate Barn stands as a sentry at the southern end of the park. It is an important architectural landmark and a symbol for the Heber Valley. Visitors may also enjoy the Huber Grove, which features the Huber Farmhouse and Creamery.

More information is available at http://www.stateparks.utah.gov/park/wasatch-mountain-state-park
Friends of Utah State Parks

The Friends play a crucial role in supporting our state parks. In these difficult economic times, the Friends organization relies upon volunteers and fundraising to help offset the impact of significant budget cuts and ensure the survival of our parks and the services. The Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation agency manages 43 state parks and several undeveloped land areas totaling over 95,000 acres. It has responsibility for more than a million surface acres of water, administers the Utah off-highway vehicle, boating and trails programs, provides and maintains access to waterways and trails, and promotes education, safety, and resource protection. The geographic area covered by State Parks managers and employees includes the entire state, from our cities to some of our most remote, out-of-the-way corners.

More information is available at http://friendsofutahstateparks.org/
Wasatch Trail Alliance

The Alliance is a local, volunteer-based organization that works in conjunction with the local governments and other land managers to build and maintain trails in Wasatch County. Their mission is to support and help plan a comprehensive and sustainable trail system in Wasatch County, to provide outdoor recreation opportunities for locals and visitors and to meet the growing needs of the biking, hiking and equestrian communities.

The FOW volunteers work closely with the Alliance to maintain the trail system in the Heber Valley and to support new trail projects that promote greater accessibility and utilization for our residents and visitors.

More information is available at http://www.wasatchtrailsalliance.org/