Our Mission
To preserve and protect the historical and ecological integrity of Wasatch Mountain State Park through public awareness and education and to promote the development of responsible recreational opportunities and facilities for present and future generations.

Vision Statement
The Wasatch Mountain State Park is an extraordinary and beneficial resource in the Heber Valley. It is often central to the decision of new residents to call this valley home and to the decision of vacationers to choose this area as a destination. The goal of the Friends of Wasatch Mountain State Park is to make the Park so integral to each resident’s life that each resident will want to ensure the vibrancy and sustainability of the Park.The FOW, in partnership with the Park management, will create opportunities to enhance the relevance and accessibility of the Park’s resources for the community.

The Friends of Wasatch Mountain State Park is a non-profit organization, organized for (1) charitable, educational and scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, and (2) fundraising activities to support the needs of Wasatch Mountain State Park. We are active members of the Friends of Utah State Parks, and support their statewide mission to preserve, protect, promote, advocate, and educate about the cultural heritage, history, natural resources and funding needs of Utah State Parks.\

Board Members

President Tami Brown
Vice President Sherry Bolca
Treasurer Sherry Bolca
Secretary Alyce Weisiger


Membership Fred Paxton
Website Nancy O’Toole
Newsletter Sherry Bolca
Outdoor Activities Nancy O’Toole & Mickey Oskner
Trails Nancy O’Toole & Mickey Oskner
Hospitality Open


Board members must be a current member of the FOW and be willing to serve a two (2) year term. They may remain on the board for subsequent terms in the same or other capacities. In general, the President and Vice President will have served at least two (2) years on the Board within the last eight years.

The FOW actively encourages new members to consider serving on the Board or in some other capacity. Please see the FOW volunteer section for current opportunities