The 2017 “Hit n Giggle” was another successful gathering of golfers from all walks of life,
experience, and skill set. Not a single loser among the entire field of competitors. Add in
the non-golfing diners for the evening festivities and we can once again declare a successful
fundraiser. Generous contributions from players, diners, and a large field of Sponsors and
Donors of silent auction items from businesses and individuals generated almost $10,000
towards funding the proposed Huber Grove pavilion foundation.
Special recognition to Chris Newsom, head pro at the Soldier Hollow Golf Course, for
providing the Gold course for our exclusive use that afternoon and to Rob Edwards and the
staff of the Soldier Hollow Grill for the delicious dinner buffet, the sound system, and the
facility to seat all the attendees.
Sincere thanks to the volunteers, without whom there would be only chaos, in no special
order: Sherry Bolca, Tami Brown, Leslie Oksner, Mickey Oksner, Zee Zilonka, Pat Sullivan,
Jerry Habeck, Fred Paxton, Cary Hobbs, Marianne Wicks, Char Lovelass and those
unmentioned who made the check-in and launch of the “shotgun” a well oiled operation.
Be sure to attend the upcoming Holiday dinner party and frolicking that will be the final
gathering of the Friends for this year. Always a fun event.

Hit n Giggle 2017 a great success!

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